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The Brief

In creating tailor made rooms that immediately transform children’s rooms into playgrounds of the imagination, 3MOMS assures their clients dreams and needs are met at the highest standards. Commencing the process, 3MOMs conducts a zoom meeting with its client’s in gathering the required information about their interest and expectations. During this process, we become part of their children’s world by understanding their hobbies, favorite colors, personality and aspirations. Our design teams gather further information by floorplans, visuals of the space and any necessary technical information that might be crucial in conducting our work in their lovely home. Completing our initial meeting our design teams start executing their magic. In parallel, we request our clients to sign a Custom Design Agreement to ensure an one of a kind space alongside our initial payment.



Our designs encourage playful creativity and give children the foundation for discerning design taste at an early stage of their lives. Following these principles our clients will receive mood board preparations and a 3D render presentation within 3 weeks of the initial meeting. This process is a very interactive process between our design teams and our clients where we receive feedbacks and review our design in parallel to our clients and their children’s aspirations. The stages is commenced of up to 2 revisions of the magical space where we finalize by bringing our clients dream coming to live.



Creating a truly personalized final product inspired by each child’s personality where his or her interests and unique ways of seeing the world are celebrated is at heart of every design of 3MOMS projects. Having our clients approval of the design stage, our teams will submit the final 3D render images, mood board, technical drawings and detailed list of our bespoke furniture’s, accessories which will be produced for the one of a kind room. During this stage we will present to our clients agreed budget and compensations details of %50 percent of payment.



Depending on the scope of the project, the duration of production will be between 12-18 weeks. Throughout our progress period 3MOMS teams involves their clients every step of the way with weekly status update meetings. With the completion of the production process, the transportation phase will begin. Providing a long lasting, high quality product delivered by a team of architects, designers and installation teams working to first in class service standards is 3MOMS main objective. Following these principals our internal partners alongside our team members will completed the installation of the room. Having carefully curating the process of each room 3MOMS ensures a pleasant journey for their clients.